Ageing in reverse- part 1. Physical Wellbeing

by | 23 Mar, 2023

“As you enliven your body through movement, you enliven your whole sense of self.” ~ Debbie Rosas 

Imagine if you could age in reverse through movement, diet and lifestyle choices. It turns out that’s what’s been happening to me. A recent medical screening put my biological age at 39 using markers like height, weight, visceral fat, muscle to fat ratio, bone density etc. Another test using blood results by AgingAI put me at 22 years old!

While there are many factors that contribute to your healthspan (the period of your life that you are healthy), my results are in large part a wonderful testament to Nia’s philosophy Through Movement We Find Health. Despite some significant life stressors, I feel physically and mentally fitter now at 54 than I did at 30 when I stepped into my first Nia class.

Nia is based on the science of the body that says movement and energy variety are fundamental to feeling whole, healthy and vital at any age. Nia’s creator, Debbie Rosas (pictured) is still bursting with creativity and curiosity at 72.

Why is movement variety good for the body?
Adaptive resistance is the term used to explain that the body gets used to the way you usually move. This means you won’t get optimal health benefits from your daily movement or weekly workouts unless you keep changing things up. Variety is built into every Nia class.

If you have a regular path that you walk or repeat the same set of strength training exercises or dance to the same genre of music, then your fitness and wellbeing will plateau. Habitual movement and repetition can also lead to increased risk of injury or imbalance from overuse of certain muscle groups, not to mention boredom!

Doing different kinds of movement benefits cardiorespiratory fitness, glucose-insulin regulation, and neuromuscular, cardiac, and vascular functions. Regularly combining aerobic exercise, resistance training and balance training can prevent and even reverse muscle loss. (From Nia my muscle percentage increased over the last year.)

“Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.” ~ William Cowper

A University of Florida study found that having variety and structure in your workout make it more likely that you will enjoy and therefore stay with the program.

Nia delivers movement variety by uniquely blending form (structured movement) and freedom (personal expression). It uses the energy of 9 different movement arts from martial arts, dance, and healing modalities to create functional strength, power, balance, and grace.

Nia helps you develop body-centred awareness, enhances your motor skills, and increases your felt sense of vitality. It strengthens your bones, boosts your immunity, and improves your posture – all factors that reduce your biological age, extend your healthspan and make you feel younger!

Book: Young Forever: The Secret to Living Your Youngest Healthiest Life by Dr Mark Hyman

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Recipe: Warm lentil, beetroot and goats cheese salad– So good!!

Video: What is Longevity? a 4 minute explanation by Dr Peter Attia about lifespan vs healthspan

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