Joyful movement for health, fitness and wellbeing. 

Hi, I’m Sophie

I love inspiring people to feel vibrantly alive and at home in their bodies. Like many women, you may struggle to find the time and motivation to stay physically active. Maybe you’ve disconnected from your body or feel like you’ve lost your sparkle.

Welcome to Nia… a gentle dance-fitness class that gets your joy flowing! Nia’s barefoot approach is kind on joints while building strength. It boosts your mood, increases your energy, and makes you feel good in your skin. At every age and stage of life, Nia meets you where you’re at and helps you realise your fitness and wellness goals.

In my 20 years of sharing Nia, I’ve supported hundreds of women to awaken their senses and live every day with renewed pleasure, confidence, and joy. 

“This exercise style delivers real body benefits – cardiovascular fitness, balance, strength, and agility – but you could practise Nia just for the sheer joy of it.” Liz Cantor, TV Presenter


Nia incorporates elements of dance, martial arts, and mindfulness into a holistic practice that increases wellness. It gets every part of your body moving to all kinds of music – naturally, at your own pace and in your way.

More than an exercise class, it’s a practice that grows with you, connecting mind, body and spirit and putting the spark into life. Nia is about learning to tune into your body’s wisdom and bring your unique gifts to the world.

Nia is fun! It’s low-impact and inclusive. It’s supportive, encouraging and healing. It’s about being yourself and being part of a kind community who raise each other up.

Nia isn’t a rigid set of exercises. It’s not about remembering steps, keeping up or ‘getting it right’. It’s not for any one age group. Nia doesn’t ask your body to do anything that doesn’t feel good.

“With joy and self-expression at its heart, the dance practice of Nia will revitalise your outlook on yoga and life.” ~ Australian Yoga Journal


Sophie makes moving to feel better both easy and enjoyable. She’ll guide you with clarity, compassion, and contagious enthusiasm, weaving holistic, evidence-based practices for grounding your body and uplifting your spirit. An antidote to the demands of modern life, Nia with Sophie frees you to experience everything around you in a deeper and more meaningful way.

In Brisbane? Come and dance with our friendly community at Paddington’s BrisWest Centre. The environment is relaxed, playful, and welcoming. Free parking is available on side streets or at Paddington Central.

From wherever you live, you can join Sophie’s online classes. Attend live and dance like no one’s watching with your camera off or on, or tailor it to your schedule with the recorded replay.

CONTACT SOPHIE for mindfulness classes, individual coaching, professional development sessions, or specialised classes for vulnerable and community groups.

Sophie Marsh is Australia’s only Nia Faculty Trainer and the most experienced Nia and 5Stages teacher. She is dedicated to helping women find the embodied radiance and joy that comes from loving and nourishing themselves – body, mind, and soul.

Nia Ist Degree Black Belt teacher + White Belt Trainer

Nia Australia community association co-founder

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Mindful Leader

Trauma sensitive mindfulness and movement practitioner

I have danced with Sophie each week for the past 12 years. As a GP, I know just how hard it can be to keep active when our workdays are sedentary or dominated by computer use. Nia with Sophie brings me soulful movement. We dance together just for the joy of it. Nia brings me mind-body-spirit connection and self-expression. Nia brings me friendship and community. I am so grateful to have Nia in my life!

Pam Douglas

GP, Researcher, Author

From the moment I entered the sacred space of Nia over 10 years ago led by Sophie, I knew I had found a special place where movement, music and the spaces in between aligned. Grateful to Sophie for the creative, joyful and passionate energies she brings to the practice of Nia which she exudes each time I enter this space.

Jeanette Kennelly

Music Therapist at Inspiravision

Sophie holds a sacred space where I come alive and truly be myself, fully expressed!
Even though my body gets a fitness workout her classes feel more like energy medicine meets dance party. I’m addicted for life.
Maria Golding

Intuitive Motherhood + Mental Health professional

At my first Nia class I was in awe of Sophie’s expertise in crafting a wide range of safe and personal (your body’s way) patterns of movement to create a fun and full body class. Sophie’s experience and skill as a teacher of Nia, her professionalism, and her dedication to her Nia community is outstanding. That’s why 7 years on, I’m still attending her online and in person classes, and loving it!

Kirsti Doessel


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