Nia Art of Sensation – White Belt
Body + Life Training

Step out of the busyness of everyday life and into a week dedicated to your self-discovery, self-healing and self-mastery. This non-residential retreat gives you the time and space to immerse in Nia’s transformational body and life education. Through Nia Art of Sensation you’ll receive somatic tools, wisdom, and daily practices to embody your best self at every stage of life.

People of all ages and abilities, from all walks of life belong in Nia Art of Sensation retreats. You don’t have to be fit or have ever done a Nia class. Say yes if you want to:

  • FEEL more at home in your body
  • DEEPEN your relationship with yourself in a nourishing non-judgmental space
  • EXPERIENCE movement as medicine for body, mind and spirit
  • LEARN tangible practices for greater pleasure, awareness, and joy in everyday life
  • CONNECT with inspiring, like-minded people from all around Australia + NZ
  • DISCOVER wellbeing as a way of life (and maybe share it with others)

If you are desiring any (or all) of the above … dive in!

Nia Art of Sensation is available in 2 formats:

A. 6-day In-Person Immersion followed by 16 weeks access to OnDemand content including classes, meditations, suggested reading, journal prompts plus optional group mentoring sessions with Sophie.

B. Interactive Online Course over 16 weeks with 3 online contact hours per week plus self-paced weekly learning via the online training portal materials.

The usual cost is USD1599. (Nia is an international company based in the US, so the training is priced in USD) Convert to AUD

Register by paying USD799.50 with the balance payable 30 days before the training.


A journey of movement, mindfulness, connection and joy

In Nia Art of Sensation, you’ll learn and embody:

  • 13 Nia White Belt principles beginning with Joy of Movement
  • Nia’s 52 moves for self-healing and conditioning
  • Nia’s mindfulness practices, including 5Stages
  • Body Literacy – how to use your own body’s wisdom and make empowered choices to feel better
  • 5 Core Competencies – Movement, Music, Philosophy, Science, Anatomy

You won’t be moving the whole time and there’s always the option to observe if your body says “rest.” Nia Art of Sensation is paced so you can get the most out of the content in your unique learning style and graduate feeling energised and inspired. It’s never too late to discover transformational tools to support greater vitality, health and wellbeing for your BODY + LIFE.

While many people take Nia trainings purely for their own personal growth, it’s also the first step for those who desire to share Nia professionally. Whether you want to become a Nia teacher, start or grow a business, deepen your knowledge, or learn a personalised wellbeing practice that you can share with others, Nia’s programs will provide you with the tools to change lives (your own included)

Many graduates love it so much, they choose to do a FULL RETAKE of the training (again and again!) If that’s you, please contact Sophie via email to register your retake request.


13-19 April
6.5 days
with Sophie + Stephanie DeMay
Open to everybody
28 May – 2 June
6 days
with Sophie Marsh
Open to everybody
Paddington BRISBANE Q
26 September-1 October
6 days
with Sophie Marsh
Open to everybody

The White Belt is a week of body nourishment, community, fun, learning and transformation. I now understand why it was so difficult to explain to others what Nia was, it has so many layers! Sophie Marsh is an incredible human and inspirational trainer. I felt like the entire week was designed specifically for ME!

Michelle McKenzie

White Belt Graduate

This training was one of the most inspiring journeys of my life.

Karen Li

White Belt Graduate

I thought I was coming just to learn about Nia. What I received was so much more. Every principle helped me come back into my body and myself. I now have a clearer sense of my life purpose and how to have more awareness and Joy every day. I met an amazing community of authentic, fun, and loving people. I didn’t want it to end.

Zanthe Gneist

White Belt Graduate

It is difficult to describe how much joy I received from being with and relating to these magnificent women for a week of music, movement, magic, and friendship! I learnt to truly listen to my body and to trust the sensations I experienced. In these strange and unsettling times, I would lovingly suggest to consider stepping into this precious space with Sophie Marsh. You will feel nourished, invigorated, energised and ready to return home with new skills, knowledge, and resilience for the road ahead

Carol Greenwood

White Belt Graduate

During the White Belt, I experienced a real calming of my nervous system; much greater connection to myself, like I was landing back in my body; and many juicy and joyful moments.   I’ve done plenty of workshops, but this is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!

Robyn Robinson

White Belt Graduate

The training exceeded all my expectations. Accepting and loving ‘ME’, even the parts I have rejected or judged in the past, is my biggest take away

Nicole Tiller

White Belt Graduate

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